October 1, 2013

xCode 5 git and bitbucket

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I just was creating a new iOS project and needed to share it with a dev team. I wanted it private so I used bitbucket. 


Here is how I got git working from within xCode 5.


  1. I generated a new project and made sure I selected the option to create a local repository.
  2. I created a bitbucket project using their web interface.
  3. I opened the mac Terminal application.
  4. Here are the steps in Terminal:

Then I added a remote to xCode.

  1. Select: Source Control > projectname – Master > Configure projectname
  2. Click the Remotes selection at the top of the Configure window
  3. Click the + symbol in the bottom left of the window
  4. Select Add New Remote
  5. Add any name you prefer
  6. Paste in the https url used to add the remote (https://bitbucketusername@bitbucket.org/….)
  7. Select Add remote

Then I did a commit

  1. Select Source Control > Commit
  2. Added an initial commit message to the bottom of the commit window

Last of all I did a push

  1. Select Source Control > Push

And now everything is all hooked up and working. I can add, change, and delete files and then do commits and pushes




  1. George said,

    Very useful, thanks!

  2. Thank you

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