January 30, 2012

Updates to Some Libraries

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With changes that have been happening in my life, specifically going back to school to get a doctoral degree, I find that I am no longer able to support the full suite of QC libraries.  The QuickConnect Hybrid framework will now be the only one I am supporting.

When I am done with the degree I will again be supporting the other libraries.  There is only so much time in the day.

The other libraries, such as enterprise sync, QCJSON, QCNative, etc. are and will still be available for download from source forge.


Thank you,


Lee Barney


January 10, 2012

Current Beta

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The latest release of QC is in beta stage and is proceeding apace.  This beta includes optimizations of the communication layer between the JavaScript and the native sides for both iOS and Android.  It is much more responsive but requires a large amount of testing since it is a major change.

Another change is the Xcode 4 template that easily allows you to easily create iOS and Android applications from the same project.  This is in final dev-test.

Additionally there will be some new functionality that allows you to generate multiple views from within JavaScript, size them, and indicate where they should display on top of the base web view.  Such views can be other web views, image views, document views, etc.

The time required by my work on my doctoral degree has slowed the release process but work continues.  It just can’t be done quite as quickly as it was before I started the program.

VTM Developer Conference http://bit.ly/rwjFgk

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I will be speaking at the Voices Android Developers Conference in February.  I’d love to meet you there.  Use this priority code ANDSP34 and save $200 + Early Bird price thru Jan 13

I’ll be speaking about hybrid application development.


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