August 16, 2011

QC DBSync version 1.3 available

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For those of you needing a native database synchronization tool version 1.3 of QC DBSync is now available.  It includes minor functionality and API upgrades on the iOS side, an example service written in PHP is included in the download.



  1. Luca said,

    Is there any tutorial to better understand how to integrate it in an app?

  2. Luca said,

    I am trying to understand how this API works for iPhone. I installed all the example data and make it work (it seems there is some problem with user data not sent from iPhone and double “require_once” of “”). I still cannot get exactly if it is a two-side sync or not. Does it mirror the info on server and core data?

    • tetontech said,

      The data structure on the server side in the example PHP/MySQL setup does not mirror the data structure in the client example. You can choose any server side language and any server side data structure you want as long as the format of the JSON sent back to the client remains the same as in the server side example. Your server side will always receive the data from the client in the declared format as well.

      The only ‘API’ requirement for the communication between the client and the server is the format of the JSON being transmitted.

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