August 16, 2011

QC DBSync version 1.3 available

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For those of you needing a native database synchronization tool version 1.3 of QC DBSync is now available.  It includes minor functionality and API upgrades on the iOS side, an example service written in PHP is included in the download.

QC Native 1.3 available

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For those of you doing native, not hybrid JavaScript, development with QC I have uploaded a new version of QC Native.  It rationalizes the differences between the Java and iOS versions making the APIs nearly identical.  I have also updated the API Docs for Android, created API Docs for iOS, and included both in the downloads as well as the QC Family web site.

The download now includes a SimpleDB example for both Android and iOS.  The example inserts values into the database, queries values from the database, and can do an HTTP GET.  The iOS database interactions show how to use CoreData.  I will soon (by the end of the month??) have an example using the Android ORM I’m developing.

Still working on that QC Hybrid release.  It is getting really close.  More on that later.


August 11, 2011

Android Developer Conference

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Get a discount for AdDevCon II  coming up on November 6 – 11.  You can use my last name (Barney) as a discount code and get $200 off the registration price.  I’d love to meet you there.




August 2, 2011

Android ORM (Object Relational Management)

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For quite some time I have been thinking about what a good ORM library should look like.  I haven’t had any time to design and create it until now because of the university classes I’ve been teaching and supporting and completing the other QuickConnect Family projects.  For the last couple of days, since school is now out for the summer, I have been making a cut at it.

I am very pleased.  I have a very functional and easy to use implementation.  It avoids the pitfalls that Hibernate made back in the day when it was designed and it avoids mistakes made by Apple when the created CoreData.

You don’t need any annotations.  You don’t need any HQL like language for queries.

Even better it is only 16K in size!  I was surprised but pleased at how little code was required.

It is untested at the moment but you can see what the code looks like if you download the source from sourceForge using git.

I hope to have an example working soon and want to create a GUI front end to make use even easier.  This GUI will create your SQLite tables for you and put everything together you need in one jar file.

What fun.






August 1, 2011

QCDBSync 1.2 now available

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This posting is about the QCDBSync library.  For more information about QCDBSync go to:

For those of you doing native development in iOS and Android a new version of QCDBSync is now available for download from its sourceforge site.

This version adds the iOS version and its documentation to the download.  You will no longer need to use git to use QCDBSync on iOS.  It also adds delete functionality to the iOS version that only the Android version had before.

The iOS version is now much easier to use as well.  Less work on your part, more functionality, must be good.  Right?

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