June 15, 2011

New Version of QC Native Available

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I have just completed an update to QC Native for those of you who are doing native Android and/or iOS development. Download it from here: http://goo.gl/P7s6D

If you are using QC Hybrid to write your app in JavaScript you can safely ignore this update. There will soon be a new version of QC Hybrid for you to use with several updates that I’m dying to get out to you.

As with the previous version of QC Native all threading is done for you. ValCO’s and BCO’s will run in a background thread and VCO’s will run in the UI thread on Android, JavaSE, and iOS. No threads will be used when you use the qc.jar file in an Enterprise Java environment since they are not needed there.

The Control Objects in QC Native now use HashMap/NSMutableDictionary instead of ArrayList/NSArray. This allows you to have more control over the data used in your Control Objects. Another change is that you now add the results of your calculations in your BCO’s, ValCO’s, and VCO’s to the parameters HashMap/NSMutableDictionary instead of returning them from your handleIt methods. Now you return null to terminate a control stack and any value to continue.

This change will give us a strong base to build on for the foreseeable future for both the native and hybrid libraries.


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