January 15, 2011

QuickConnectFamily 1.6.7 Available

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QC 1.6.7 has been uploaded.  It includes a complete rewrite of the way your QCAndroid apps are compiled from within xCode.  I think you will find compiling much better.  It also includes a native Android template that allows you to build QC applications in Androids’ native Java along side the Objective-C native template for iOS apps.

Just like in QC Native for iOS apps created using this QC Native for Android template ‘pre-threads’ your application for you.  This means that any code that you write that is not directly related to updating the view is run in helper threads.  Any code you write that updates the view will run in the main view thread just like the native QC iOS apps.

Build your Control stacks in either language and your Validation and Business Control Objects, including db and server/service access, will be run on background, helper threads and then when the View Control Objects are executed they will be run in the main-view thread.

This means that your applications’ user experience is snappier since the main-view thread is only blocked when the view is being updated.

I will be covering the basic structure of Android Native QC apps and how to write them at the Android Developer Conference in March.

I will be covering the basic structure of iOS Native and Hybrid QC apps at the iPhone Developers Conference in April.

More tutorials, when I get them done, will be available on the wiki.

I have also uploaded QuickConnectFamilyPC_1.6.7 for those of you who want to develop using Eclipse rather than Xcode.  It includes a few examples of hybrid apps and instructions for how to use QC in Eclipse.

I’d love to see you at the developer conferences and get feedback in addition to what I receive via the Google group and this blog.






  1. Rock Yin said,

    Hi Lee,

    I’m Rock, a big fan of QCiphoe, though I just use it for about one week.

    I am learning from the examples, very helpful!

    I have one question here, is there any document, to specify the available api?

    I am now trying to create a native header, which like native footer, do we have any api like QCNativeFooter ?

    Looking forward your response.



  2. Rock Yin said,

    Hi Lee,

    Any response for my question?



    • tetontech said,


      Sorry, I just saw it.

      I’m not sure I understand your question. do you mean you want to stop the scroll bounce so that there is no scrolling in the app?


      • Rock Yin said,

        hi Lee,

        Actually, I have two questions:

        What I want to do is, for example, when we skim over the photos, we don’t need “previous” “next” buttons, we just need to touch and slide the photo through the screen.

        How to do this by QCiPhone?

        I know how to create native footer with QCiPhone, but how to create native header? Can I create and show them on the same screen?



      • lee barney said,

        You can do the photo stuff using HTML image tags and css transitions.

        What are you looking for in the header? Could you use a div tag directly? The Native footer behavior was to solve a vertical scrolling issue. Are you including scrolling in your app?


  3. Adam Bruce said,

    Hi Lee,

    Im finding the use of QuickConnect so good that I am using it in my honours dissertation at University on iPhone App development.

    I was wondering if it would be possible for you to give me some examples of Apps that are in Apples App store that used your framework so i can reference them in my report.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Adam Bruce

    • tetontech said,


      I’m glad it is helpful in your studies. I don’t actually track any of the apps. It isn’t part of the system I have set up. There is a discussion over on the google group where someone else has asked a similar question. A couple of devs have responded. You could check there.


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