January 15, 2011

Android Emulator Defect Causes App Crash

Posted in Android Development tagged , , , , , , at 7:00 pm by tetontech

Avoid the current Gingerbread Android SDK if you use the emulator to develop your apps!

The current Android SDK version, Gingerbread- r_08, has a new defect in the emulator.  This defect causes any application that uses the standard Google/Android methodology of communication between JavaScript in the Android WebView and other Java in the application to crash when run in the emulator.

Installing and running your QuickConnect or other hybrid apps on a device still works.  Since developing using a device is faster than developing using the emulator this is probably your bet anyway.

A discussion of this bug can be found in this  Google group discussion.

Let’s hope the Android team either gets their act together and fixes this soon or gives us a better development tool like Android running in a real VM instead of this emulator.


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