December 23, 2010

QuickConnect 1.6.4 Now Available

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I have just posted the 1.6.4 version of QC on SourceForge.  It includes some defect fixes and some minor additions, and a few big changes.  QC 1.6.4 requires the iOS 4.2 SDK.

The big changes are regarding the native application templates.  You can now use the same design to create Objective-C iPhone, iPad, and Universal iPhone/iPad apps that you have been using to create your hybrid applications.

These native iOS apps come ‘pre-threaded’.  Every time you call handleRequest your command stack is executed on a worker thread.  Any of your ViewControlObjects that you create for your control Stack are executed in the main  thread since it is the only one that is allowed to update the User Interface.  All other behavior is done on a worker thread and you don’t have to worry about how to set it up, make it go, or make it stop.

Just as with the hybrid apps you’ve been creating with QC all of your async calls to HTTP servers, portals, etc. are linearized for you.  You never need to write another callback function!

In addition to making your remote HTTP calls easier all of the templates for native QuickConnect applications also include support for both direct SQLite access and CoreData.

With a little time working in Interface Builder and putting together some CoreData objects your app is up and running.

Examples are already in the download for all of these native iOS templates.  Check them out and see how easy native iOS apps can be.

The next release will have native multi-threaded Android applications as well.

One other change is  that the PHP template has been updated.  Take a look at the example in the download.




  1. Steffen said,

    i just installed QC with Xcode 3.2.5/iOS SDK 4.2… after an evening of trying arround to get an app working i´m kind of frustrated. Even an empty QC project in xcode creates over 80 compiling errors, as well as the example projects which are includedn by the download. Are there any kind of problems with the new version of Xcode/iOS SDK/Dashcode ?

    • tetontech said,


      Sorry for your troubles. Look and see if there is a /Developer/QCLib/build directory. If there is you may need to change the permissions on the directory and delete it. The installer may have included this file and not given you permissions to replace it.

  2. Matthew said,

    I have recently purchased your Developing Hybrid Applications for IPhone book. I am having some trouble using Xcode and the QuickConnect Template. The books says to remove the index.html, main.css, main.js and files from the Parts and Images folders from the Resource group. I am unsuccessful in deleting these file as well as trying to import the files from my dashcode source. Why am I not able to delete these files and add the Dashcode files?
    I am using Xcode 3.2.5 iOS 4.2 with QuickConnect 1.6.4. Thanks for the help.

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