June 22, 2010

The upcoming iPhoneDevCon

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I will be teaching three classes at the iPhoneDevCon in San Diego on September 27-29.  You can get a discount admission if you use my discount keyword.  It is BARNEY.  Make sure you use all upper case characters when typing it in.

To register you can go to http://www.iphonedevcon.com

To see what classes are being taught go to http://www.iphonedevcon.com/classes.html#2

I’ll be teaching:

  1. an introductory class on QuickConnect
  2. a medium class on modular iOS development in Objective-C
  3. an advanced class on Objective-C development for enterprise data synchronization

I would love to meet as many of you as possible and get feedback on the roadmap for QuickConnect.  I hope to see you there.



QuickConnect 1.6 beta 18 available

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beta 18 was posted last friday and is now available.  It includes several new user interface behaviors and examples.

If you just updated to the 4.0 development environment you should know that Apple has removed 3.1 development support.  You will need to update the example’s base SDK to 3.2.  This is done by:

  1. opening the example
  2. selecting the project in the left-hand, project explorer view
  3. clicking the info icon in the xcode window header
  4. selecting the General option in the new dialog
  5. setting the ‘base SDK for all options’ found at the bottom of the dialog to 3.2.

I’ll get the examples all updated to 3.2 for the beta coming out this weekend.

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