May 30, 2010

QuickConnect 1.6 beta 17 now available

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Exciting new features have been added in this beta with matching examples.   They include:

  • Camera Access – display the camera from JavaScript
  • Activating and deactivating the application activity indicator from JavaScript
  • Activating and deactivating the network activity indicator from JavaScript
  • Custom Extension support including a template for your new BCOs, VCOs, ValCOs, etc. that inherit from QCCommandObject.

The custom extension support has made it very easy to create custom Objective-C behavior and run it from within the QC framework.  JavaScript custom extensions are still done the same way as before.  Just add your .js files and make your calls.

To create an Objective-C extension do the following:

  1. In your application project select New->File and pick the Mac OS X -> QuickConnect-> QCCommandObject subclass option.
  2. Repeat this until you have created your BCOs, VCOs, etc.
  3. Open the app delegate .m file in the Classes group and map commands to your new Control Objects ( see the Objective-C Extension example for code you can copy and paste).
  4. Create JavaScript functions to trigger your control stacks (see the Objective-C Extension main.js file for example code you can copy and paste).

To those of you who are creating custom behavior.  If the behavior is generic enough to be used by others please submit it for review and let’s get it in the base framework.




  1. Andy said,

    Am I blind or is there no download link?

    Anyways, If I do find it, how well does it upgrade from an earlier version – will I have to update all the project files to the new version manually or will xcode be smart enough to just use the new files?


    • tetontech said,

      The download link can be found in the right hand listing or you can go to and find the link there.

      If you are using 1.6 beta 4 or later the upgrade goes without a hitch. You sill not need to make any project changes.

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