May 23, 2010

Image Library Access Added to QuickConnect

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1.6 beta 16 has been uploaded.  You can now display the image library picker from JavaScript and let your user select an Image.  If you want to do image uploading combine this new functionality with the file upload feature and you are ready to go.  The new UploadImage example shows you how.

In addition, for the iPhone, beta 16 has added :

  • support for renaming the uploaded file
  • and complete support for UTF8 characters in debug messages.

Testing work is ongoing for the in app purchase behavior.  That should be completed next week.



  1. Andre said,

    Hey Lee,

    Do you have an example code for the server side for the file uploader? I tried to put something together in PHP but can’t figure out how to receive the file.



  2. maxmakes said,

    Hey Lee,

    Do you also have an example of saving an image on the iPhone, selected with the image library?
    It would really help me if you could give me that.

    • tetontech said,

      There is an example in the download for the QuickConnectFamily release. Take a look there first.

      • max hoeboer said,

        As far as I see, the example only shows how to upload an image.
        I want to make it work offline so the image is stored on the iPhone.
        Maybe I’m just beïng stupid and looking at the wrong place.
        Is the example in the UploadImages folder?

      • tetontech said,


        If I understand correctly you want to download an image, store it on the device, and then have the src of the image tag point at the downloaded image. If this is the case take a look at the FileDownload example. That is what it does.

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