May 13, 2010

File Upload Feature Added to QuickConnect

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In response to a long time request I have added a file upload feature to QuickConnect.  It works for the iPhone/touch/iPad combination.

Now you can upload any file that you have recorded, or any other file in your applications writable directory, to a web server of your choice.  I have also included an example in the iPhone example directory of the download.

Here is the API for the Javascript method to call:

uploadFile(fileName, URL, userName, password, optionalMimeType, optionalURLArgumentsMap)

fileName – the name of the file to upload.  Example: myAudio.caf.  REQUIRED

URL – the URL of the server to which the file is to be sent.  REQUIRED

userName, password – the credentials, declared on the server, for allowing upload.  OPTIONAL but you should never allow uploads to your server without checking credentials.

optionalMimeType – the mime type for any file you want to upload.  OPTIONAL you only need this parameter if you are uploading a file who’s name does NOT end in .caf, .png, .mp4

optionalURLArgumentsMap – a set of key-value pairs to be sent with the upload request.  These represent the portion of the URL after the ?.  For example http://<some url>>?color=blue&size=15



  1. max hoeboer said,

    It is also possible to select and upload photos from the iphone / ipod / ipad?
    That would be very usefull for my app.

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