May 5, 2010

DHML, Firefox Strangeness

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , , , , , at 6:30 pm by tetontech

Among other things that I’ve been working on for the QuickConnectFamily 1.6 beta I have been creating the new QuickConnectFamily web site.  The site, as it is designed now, accumulates information from this blog, the wiki, and the Google group.

One of the items I wanted to accumulate dynamically is the roadmap for each of the supported platforms.  I wanted to do this in such a way that when a change to the roadmap was made in the wiki that it would automatically be seen in the new web site.

To do this I decided to apply DHTML techniques as I have in the past.  So what I did was to make an AJAX call to the Web App Server running on the site host.  The PHP code there made a call to the wiki page and returned the code for the page to the browser.  The browser then created a temporary div and inserted the HTML string it got back.

I have done this before with no issues but this time the link tags in the head became active.  This caused my pages CSS to be modified when run inside of Firefox.  The solution was to remove the link nodes.  Then all was displayed as it should be.


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