April 27, 2010

QuickConnect 1.6 beta 13 now Available

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QC 1.6 beta 13 new features/fixes:

1 – iPad charting example

2 – splash screen resizing on app startup fixed (iPhone only).

3 – QuickConnect iPad project template

This is a small update, but I wanted to get the charting example and the new template out for the iPad.



  1. 212 said,

    i downloaded QuickConnect 1.6 beta 12, when i tryed to install it i had this error message : WARNING: The Dashcode templates for QuickConnectiPhone do not work for Dashcode 3.0 as is found in the 3.0 version of the SDK that runs on Snow Leopard. This is being investigated.

    my configuration :
    Mac OS X 10.6
    SDK 3
    Xcode : 3.1.4
    Dashcode : Version 2.0.2 (161)

    which QuickConnect version i have to install ?

    Thank you

    • tetontech said,

      You’ve got the right one. The warning is for those who expect to see a template in Dashcode not Xcode. Apple changed Dashcode so that it doesn’t display custom project templates anymore. Because of this I have included a Dashcode project in the download that you can use as a ‘template’ or starting point if you choose to do your development in Dashcode and then move it into Xcode.

      If you choose to write your app by hand inside of Xcode this warning doesn’t apply.


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