April 20, 2010

QuickConnect 1.6 beta 12 is now available

Posted in iPhone development tagged , , , , , , , , , at 3:19 am by tetontech

I have uploaded the latest 1.6 beta.  It includes a few new pieces of functionality in addition to that added in the previous betas.

The new functionality is:

  1. Orientation(Compass) toggling on and off
  2. In-app purchase
  3. in-app email
  4. Toggling AutoRotation on and off
  5. Toggling the Accelerometer on and off
  6. Enterprise Synchronization enhancements
  7. Additional Examples including a simple iPad example
  8. Memory enhancements

The in-app purchase and Orientation functionality is very green.  I’d like your help in debugging them.

I had hoped to have Blackberry support in this one but the BB development tools still will not work in my virtual machine so that will have to wait.

The next beta will have bluetooth peer-to-peer and updated Bonjour functionality.


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