April 20, 2010

Native JSON tools in iPhone 3.2 SDK

Posted in iPhone development tagged , , , , , , , , , , at 7:42 pm by tetontech

I went back over a couple of older blogs today and decided to see if the native JSON object exists in the later SDKs.  I found that it wasn’t in 3.1.x but does appear in the 3.2 iPhone SDK.  Thank heavens!  Now we can get a fantastic speedup since we can use the browsers C based parsing and stringifying as apposed to the JavaScript implementation.

With as much JSON as we use to communicate with the Objective-C side of the framework and the use of AJAX to get JSON from servers this should really help out.

It appears that the API is the same as we have been using.  JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify().  If you are working in 3.2 and later you can get a speedup.  I’ll build in some auto detection in the next beta.


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