April 9, 2010

iPhone OS 4, Hybrid Apps, and QuickConnect

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Yesterday a deluge of emails and blog postings regarding changes in what applications are allowed into the app store have appeared.  Most of these focus on what languages and translation libraries will be allowed in applications submitted to the app store.  Be careful in believing what people are saying.

I am limited by the NDA of the developer license agreement and so I can not get too specific.  I feel I can safely say that Hybrid application libraries and frameworks will not be affected in any way.  In fact it appears that Apple is explicitly encouraging them.

The QuickConnect framework appears to pass the language very well.

I would encourage you to go read the actual entry in the document rather than the partial entry cited in most blog postings.

Now that I am done with the factual statements here comes the speculation.

Why would Apple make such statements?  No one but Apple knows for sure.  Here is my guess.

Everyone wants their apps to get through the approval process as quickly as possible.  Apple wants this as well and needs the approval process to be low cost and fast.  It seems to me that compiling using other languages and the libraries that go with them would dramatically slow down the approval process and make it more expensive.

There.  I said it.  My opinion and it has nothing to do with world dominion, secret manipulations, or other such strangeness I have see in other postings.  It isn’t nearly as interesting as an opinion that Apple is trying to be evil but it is my take on the situation.


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