March 13, 2010

Developing for Blackberry on the Mac

Posted in Blackberry development tagged , , , , , at 5:03 am by tetontech

After attempting to develop for Blackberry on the Mac in several ways I have finally come across a way that works.  Here is how you can get this to work.

  1. Download and install VirtualBox version 3.1.4 or greater.  The earlier versions do not work with the blackberry simulator.
  2. Install WinXP in VirtualBox.  This worked for me.  I have not tried Win7 yet but will in the near future.
  3. From within your Win installation download and install the blackberry JDE 5.0 not earlier versions.  Make sure you get the JDE not the eclipse plugin.

At this point you can use the JDE to develop, compile, and run in the blackberry simulator from within your Win installation.

There is another option.  I am compiling and creating the .cod Blackberry application file inside of Xcode.  I will soon be releasing a version of QuickConnect that has a Blackberry template based on what I am doing now.  At that point we should be able to create one application and run it on the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Palm WebOS.  In fact there will be one QuickConnect template that will build for all of these platforms in addition to templates for each individual platform.

After I compile the application and generate the .cod file in Xcode I then place the .cod file in a VirtualBox shared directory.   I can then launch the simulator directly by running the .bat file for the 9559 simulator called 9550.bat.  It is found in the Simulator directory of the JDE 5.0 installation directory.

With the simulator running I select file->Load Java Program and pick the .cod file from the shared directory.  Using the Blackberry simulator I then run the application.



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  2. Donny said,

    Well the same can be done with Parallels & VMWare as well.

    Or you can try using Eclipse installed natively on OS X – even snow leopard – and “try” to install the sdk from RIM the latest for OS 5 which after this summer will be the bare minimum going forward I’m sure.

    I haven’t tried this but would love to on both my Mac’s.

    • tetontech said,

      I’m just trying to use VirtualBox and do a full Win, eclipse, and BB OS 5 beta SDK install. Even when I run the development tools from within this configuration the emulator fails.

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