February 1, 2010

QuickConnect Always Open

Posted in Android Development, iPhone development, misc at 7:07 pm by tetontech

Apparently the PhoneGap team, a competitor to QuickConnect, has run into a storm.  Initially they stated that any contributors of code are required to sign a legally binding document essentially turning over rights to the code being submitted.  Contributors and potential contributors were understandably upset and asking for clarifications.

Nitobe has now changed their statement and are now saying that they are only proposing this requirement due to talks with their lawer. It looks like contributors are still having a strong, negative reactions.

I can’t help but put this action together with the rumors I’m hearing from multiple independent sources that the Nitobe company, owner of PhoneGap, is actively or passively (depending on the source) seeking someone to buy PhoneGap.  I guess, and it is only a guess, that they aren’t making the money they had hoped.

QuickConnect comes from a very different direction.

I’ve been doing the preliminaries to create a non-profit organization for QuickConnect so as to avoid these kinds of  problems.  This non-profit would run the conferences, manage user groups, and all of those other types of things that you are used to when you think of an open source project.

I’ve never planned on making money on QC.  I’ve worked on QC since March 2008 for enjoyment and to help you.  Helping you and talking with you is what makes this fun and is my payback.

I love it when you send me questions via the QC Google group or when I’ve been able to talk with you via twitter, email or phone.

I also love getting your feedback and working toward what you need.

Thank you.

Update:  I just got off the Nitobe phone call with their users.  They say that they are doing this at the request of Symbian and that Symbian is interested in putting it on their phones as a development environment.  That is all Symbian needs.  One more development environment.  They already have FOUR.  Do they really need another?  How does a developer know which Symbian environment to pick?  I feel for anyone developing for that platform.



  1. Ric said,

    what better time than now to thank you for your amazing work! I bought your book as well and currently working on first app. Best to you, Sir! Keep up the fantastic work!

    • tetontech said,

      Thanks Ric. I’ts people like you that make it worth it.

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