February 1, 2010

Milestone Passed!

Posted in Android Development, iPhone development, misc at 9:17 pm by tetontech

Today QuickConnect passed the 12,000 downloads mark.  Thank you!

It looks like the rate for the last few days is between 50 and 100 downloads per day.

The development blog will pass 90,000 hits today.

Thanks again for your support.




  1. I think for a better succes, you should hire a designer to setup a good looking and professional website….
    Just a free advice, I am not a designer, I am a developper using phonegap…

    • tetontech said,

      Welcome Samuel. Being a PhoneGap user what brings you here?

      You’re absolutely right about the web site. Thankfully there is a professional company working on one right now. The site as described will be explanatory and be a data feed accumulator.

      I am eager to see their first cut.

      Since this company is a user of QC and in the QC spirit they are graciously producing a site at no charge. I am especially appreciative since any hiring to accomplish something like this would have to come directly out of the funds I make at my daily job and in no way am I rich. It also allows me to spend my time adding to the functionality of the framework.

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