December 30, 2009

iPhone Enterprise Data Synchronization

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The QuickConnectFamily framework now has Enterprise Data Synchronization built in.  It is included in the 1.6 beta 9 and later versions.  In beta 9 the only tested version is for the iPhone but in beta 10 there will be tested versions for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Palm Web OS devices.

You can find a ‘how to’ on the wiki.

An example app, synchronization, is also include in the 1.6 beta 9 and later downloads.  It uses http.  You should use https in your implementation

It was fun to create this ability.  I hope you can use it.




  1. Great change !
    This feature is a must have for enterprise application.
    I wonder if this can be used in a simple web application working in the browser ?
    I think webapp is the future for enterprise mobile application, because enterprise don’t want to deal with app store and updates systems, and HTM5 (thanks to webkit) provides everything to build a good enterprise webapp.

    • tetontech said,

      It could be used with a pure web application. It is possible to use this tool completely within JavaScript.

  2. Thanks a lot for your answer, and for QuickConnect !

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