November 17, 2009

QCiPhone 1.6 beta 4 is now available.

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A new beta of QC 1.6, beta 4, is now available on sourceforge.  I has the following fixes and changes

  1. DBScript can now be used with native databases.
  2. All examples shipping in the download of the beta are now converted to the 1.6 file structure.  A few of the examples have not been ported yet and so I have not included them yet.  I’ll put them in the next beta.
  3. ServerAccessObject timeout defect fixed that triggered multiple calls to VCO’s
  4. Cleaned up DataAccessObject batch method (a support method for DBScript.  Don’t use it directly).  Simplified batch completion checking.
  5. Fixed DataAccessObject transaction handling that caused transactions not to appear to fail if database constraints were violated.
  6. SQLite updated to version 3.6.20 with support for FTS3 query syntax added
  7. Added missing NativeFooter Example
  8. Fixed failure to hide native footer defect
  9. Added new JQTouch example showing the JQTouch developer demo

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