November 28, 2009

Cross Platform Mobile Development Documentation

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Available on the wiki you will find documentation on how to start using the latest 1.6 beta to develop for iPhone, Android, and Palm with the same HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.  I hope this helps you creating the apps that you want.

I’m still working on getting Blackberry development to work the same way as the others but I’m close to having something that works.

I’m also uploading 1.6 beta6.  It makes some small fixes related to the Images directory in the project.  If you are using beta5 you should upgrade.

November 27, 2009

QCFamily 1.6 beta5 support files

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I have noticed that a support file that you use to launch the Android emulator called SimDroid may not have ended up in the 1.6 beta 5 install.  To remedy this I have put in the downloads for the 1.6 beta.  After you have unzipped it and installed 1.6 beta 5  you can double click this application.  It should launch the Android emulator for you (you don’t want to know the command line methodology).

November 26, 2009

QuickConnectFamily 1.6 beta5 now available

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QC 1.6 beta5 includes:

  • A new Palm WebOS template (more examples coming soon)
  • A new Android template (more examples coming soon)
  • The ServerAccessObject has been updated to allow cookie handling.  The XmlHttpRequest object it is based on would not.  (in preparation for Apple Push technology implementation)
  • A simplified view of the projects (compatible with the beta4 projects.  No modification of existing beta4 projects needed.)

The QCFamily download includes the full Android SDK and is ready to go.  If you want to develop for Palm WebOS you will need to download the Palm WebOS SDK and install VirtualBox from Sun.

In the next be

QuickConnect Cross Platform Mobile Development

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The latest QuickConnectFamily beta, 1.6 beta5, includes Xcode templates for iPhone, Android, and Palm WebOS development.  The file structure is the same across all of the platforms.  You can write your application in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for one device and then move the code into projects for the other platforms.

Coming soon, one project that builds and launches on all platforms.

Things to remember

  1. The 1.6 beta 5 dowload does not include the full Android SDK.  Download the QC Android support file and it will have what you need.
  2. You have to install the Palm WebOS SDK if you want to develop for that platform

Here are images of the same simple application running on all of the platforms on my MacBook Pro

November 17, 2009

QCiPhone 1.6 beta 4 is now available.

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A new beta of QC 1.6, beta 4, is now available on sourceforge.  I has the following fixes and changes

  1. DBScript can now be used with native databases.
  2. All examples shipping in the download of the beta are now converted to the 1.6 file structure.  A few of the examples have not been ported yet and so I have not included them yet.  I’ll put them in the next beta.
  3. ServerAccessObject timeout defect fixed that triggered multiple calls to VCO’s
  4. Cleaned up DataAccessObject batch method (a support method for DBScript.  Don’t use it directly).  Simplified batch completion checking.
  5. Fixed DataAccessObject transaction handling that caused transactions not to appear to fail if database constraints were violated.
  6. SQLite updated to version 3.6.20 with support for FTS3 query syntax added
  7. Added missing NativeFooter Example
  8. Fixed failure to hide native footer defect
  9. Added new JQTouch example showing the JQTouch developer demo

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