October 25, 2009

Snow Leopard QuickConnectiPhone Update

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QuickConnect 1.6 beta 2 is now available.  It includes the functionality that allows you to create QCiPhone Applications in the version of Dashcode shipping with Snow Leopard.  The Objective-C code has also been reorganized.  It now is contained in a sub-project to allow you to more easily focus on the JavaScript used to create your application.

I’m going to give a short description of how to create an application and move it into a Xcode application.

Creating a Dashcode Project and Moving it into Xcode

  1. Copy the QCDashcodeTemplate.dcproj found in the Snow Leopard Dashcode Templates directory of the QCFamily download and rename it with the name for your application.
  2. Design and build all or portions of your application in Dashcode.
  3. Export your Dashcode project to your Sites directory.
  4. Create a new Xcode project by selecting the QuickConnect iPhone Application
  5. Use Finder to copy the files and directories from your exported Dashcode project into the newly created Xcode project directory.  Make sure you allow finder to copy over all of the files and directories in the project.
  6. In Xcode, compile and run your application.
  7. Expand your application to include access to the native behaviors of the device as needed by using the functions in the com.js file.

If you do not want to use Dashcode to create your application all you need to do is to edit the index.html file and include any JavaScript files you wish to use. You should also delete the Dashcode specific directories from your Xcode project.

By the way, any of the existing JavaScript libraries such as JQuery, etc. should be usable with QC not just Dashcode.


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