September 2, 2009

QCiPhone Templates and Dashcode 3.0

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After a good deal of experimentation and looking at the contents of the file I have found that Apple has removed the ability to add custom Dashcode templates.  It looks like we will be forced to copy the QuickConnect HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files into Dashcode when we use it to help create our applications.  The process would be as follows,

  1. Create a new Custom application by selecting the Custom template from the Safari group making sure that only Mobile Safari is selected.
  2. Replace the existing index.html file with the QuickConnect version of the index.html file.
  3. Drag the supporting QuickConnect javaScript files and directories into the project
  4. Create application as in pre-3.0 Dashcode.

Ideas or feedback on this would be appreciated from the QC user community.  I will submit a bug to Apple but I’m pretty sure that they will tell me ‘functioning as designed’.  It appears they don’t want people creating custom Dashcode templates.  I’ll update you as I find out more.

On the positive side of 3.0 we can now use it to create QCMac applications though we would have to follow a similar process.



  1. john johnson said,


    I have looked and can not find any further information regarding this. I am using leopard, and have installed the latest of everything. I see your instructions here, but having never done this before in Dashcode (using the leopard version for the first time), I do not exactly what files need to be moved into the dashcode project. I am not sure what “supporting QuickConnect javascript files” are or where to get them from. Is there anywhere that might have more description on this?


    • tetontech said,

      For the Leopard versions of dashcode and Xcode look on the wiki. It includes a video tutorial.

      There is also a video on youtube

  2. Elishiah Miller said,

    Hi, I am also having trouble idetifying with step 3 and 4

    Replace the existing index.html file with the QuickConnect version of the index.html file.
    Drag the supporting QuickConnect javaScript files and directories into the project

    Where are these files located. Do I just grab them from a project folder?
    Can you please clarify this.

    Thank you

    • tetontech said,

      You can get them from any of the Dashcode examples in the download. Open the example, export it, and then you can add the exported files. The index.html file in any of the examples includes tags to load each of the JS files used in QuickConnect. This will tell you what files and directories are needed.

  3. Elishiah Miller said,

    Hi again,

    I was able to build my app in Dashcode, but when I follow the instructions to import it into xcode it does not show my pushbutton that I created. I get no errors. I just don’t see the button I created that when pushed it says you did it. I get a blank white screen. What can I do?

    In my PushButton.js file the code looks like this now
    var imagePrefix = “” + (originalID?;

    Before it looked like this
    var imagePrefix = “Parts/Images/” + (;

    It seems as though my images are not linking correctly. What can I do?

    Also I noticed that there is a core file which includes other files. Do I include this folder also as a group. I tried it with the core group and without the core group and got the same result, “A blank white screen”.

  4. Safa said,


    I have downloaded the latest Xcode (3.1.4) but my Dashcode still version 2.0.2 (161)

    How can I get Dashcode version 3.0? Do I have to be registered developer ?

    Please help

    • tetontech said,

      Did you originally install your development environment somewhere other than the default? Make sure you ran the installer you downloaded and then look in the /Developer/Applications directory there you should see the Dashcode application. Run it and it should be the latest 3.0 version. If it is not, then delete the /Developer directory and install again.

      To get the latest versions of the tools you need to register with the developer connection. This is free. You will then be able to download what you need. Depending on the speed of your internet connection this may take a couple of hours.

      • Safa said,

        I did all what you said but still !

        I downloaded again the latest SDK (iphone_sdk_3.1.3_with_xcode_3.1.4__leopard__9m2809a)

        installed it and did not work
        then i deleted Developers folder and install again but still the old version!

        man don’t know what to do! x.x

      • tetontech said,

        Could you take a screen snap of your development directory, the About Dashcode screen, and the About Xcode screen so I can see what’s going on?


        Sent from my iPhone

  5. Safa said,

    I just heard that i have to be registered as payed developer and using snow leopard to be able to use Dashcode 3.0, is that true?

    • tetontech said,

      I don’t think so. It isn’t part of the beta release of the next SDK.

  6. james said,

    It does seem like a lot of hassle to get the QuickConnect iPhone files into Dashcode 3 – particularly for newcomers to the platform.

    Is there an easier way to do it? I’m thinking does some sort of utility exist to copy them in or can the import button be used – visible when you start a new project in dashcode.

    Any update on why Apple removed this functionality – If you can manually copy the files in anyway why would they have bothered to remove the template functionality – or is it a bug in Dashode or the QuickConnect install as to why the QC template does not appear?

    many Thanks

    • tetontech said,

      Unfortunately there is no ability to modify Dashcode so a button couldn’t be added. AppleScript isn’t active in Dashcode.

      Why did they take it out? I’ve never received evan an acknowledgement from them that it has disappeared. With the 3.0 version you can export and then copy into your project. That is about as good as it gets for now. Maybe an Automator app could be created that would let you select the files to be added and the directory of the Xcode project but that doesn’t sound any easier than the copy-paste method.

      You can also avoid using Dashcode and write the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on your own. That is what I usually do.

  7. james said,

    OK I found the QuickConnect Dashcode template for Snow Leopard – Looks like it’s in the QC install but just doesn’t show up in the options when you start Dashcode. thanks

    • tetontech said,

      Apple changed the way Dashcode works when it released 3.0. It no longer allows the custom templates to be displayed. Because of this I have included a Dashcode project in the download. You can copy-paste-rename this file and then use it to develop your app.

      I know this is a pain but I can’t control what apple does. I was very disappointed when they disallowed the inclusion of custom Dashcode templates.

      • james said,

        thanks tetontech

    • Newbie said,

      Hi james,
      Where is it located? Thanks.

      • tetontech said,

        It is in the QuickConnect download in the Snow Leopard Dashcode Templates directory

  8. utpal said,

    hii …….. i m using mac 10.5.8 leopard and xcode 3.1.4 with dashcode ver 2.0.2 for developing iphone application? i want to use dashcode 3.0 in this os . is it possible? if yes then how can i get dashcode 3.0 . apple dev give dashcode 3.0 for snow leapord but i want it for my os. please suggest me what should i do as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

    • tetontech said,

      I don’t think you can use Dashcode 3.0 on Leopard only Snow Leopard.

  9. Tweety said,


    Can I use Xcode 3.2.3 with Dashcode 3.0.1 and QuickConnectFamily 1.6.1?
    I cannot find the “QuickConnect iPhone Application” button in Xcode…


    • tetontech said,

      You should be able to see it in Xcode if you select iPhone OS. You will then see the QuickConnect Mobile Hybrid option. Select that and then you will see a pulldown list of iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm, Blackberry.

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