August 29, 2009

QuickConnectiPhone 1.5.0 is now available

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QCiPhone 1.5.0 has just been uploaded to sourceForge.  They are saying that it may take about 15 minutes to become visible as the default download for OS X machines.

A note to 3.0 API users. The dashcode QC template no longer appears as an option.  I am looking for ways to get it to show up again.End

Because of the 3.0 Dashcode changes I have not been able to update the Dashcode examples to the latest QC source.  All of the Xcode examples are updated.

The release includes examples of how to use the video and audio tags in booth QCiPhone and QCMac applications.

QuickConnectMac 1.0 is also included in this release.  It allows you to create hybrid applications that run on Mac machines just like you do for the iPhone and iPod touch.

QuickConnectPHP 1.0 is another template that can be used on the Mac side.  It isn’t used to create hybrid applications but is used to create PHP web applications.

Also included, for those interested, is QCErlang 1.0.  It is an updated version of an Xcode template for developing erlang applications.  It includes auto-completes for most of the commonly used functions.

Defect fixes in this release include:

1.  UIWebView no longer ends up with a black background after re-displaying the Default.png file while the page loads.

2.  DataAccessObject in-browser database use fixed and updated to new methodology for the retention of which BCF in the stack is to be called next.

3.  Updated the embedded map code to use the current data passing scheme from and to Objective-C

4.  HTML Elements with touch events inside of Elements made scrollable no longer react to ontouchstart, ontouchmove, and ontouchend unless the event is not due to scrolling



  1. Uros said,

    Hi Lee,

    can you explain how to accomplice 4th fix, element with touch event inside of scrollable element.
    I have this problem in my app and need to fix it.


    • tetontech said,

      There were several changes that ended up in the QCUtilities.js file. If you diff the one from this release and the one from the last release you should be able to see all of the differences.

      In essence what I had to do was to store off any ontouch* event listeners as soon as the element was scrolling and set them to null. Then when scrolling was done I took the stored callbacks and reassigned them to the elements.

      I’m happy to answer any more questions you may have. The google group is the best place for code questions about the framework.

  2. T Scoville said,

    I just updated to Snow Leopard and installed Dashcode 3.0 along with the new SDK and it seems the JSONDataExample, along with the code I was working on using the same methods, no longer work. I noticed in the fixes you say you updated the methodology, can you please help me adjust my code accordingly? Or at least let mew know how to get the example working again?

    • tetontech said,

      I’ll take a look at it tonight after work.

    • tetontech said,

      It looks like they plugged a security hole in the 3.0 simulator. I Haven’t tried it out yet, but tomorrow I’ll put the example together as an Xcode project using the 1.5 QC Framework. I think that should work.


    • tetontech said,

      I just put the code into an Xcode project and it is working. If you send me an email address I’ll send you the working project, or you can move the code into Xcode.


      • T Scoville said,

      • T Scoville said,

        My e-mail is my username I authored this comment with, without the space, at gmail dot com. Just trying to tell you without alerting the spam bots.

      • David Klotz said,

        Hi, I was also using the JSONDataExample to try to learn how to do various things, and I was wondering if you could explain what specifically changed that causes it not to work in the latest simulator, and if there was a quick way to fix it so it did work. I fired up TCPdump and noticed that the request is being made, and data is coming back, so the problem doesn’t look to be in the request.

        I’d also like the XCode project version too, if you don’t mind.



      • tetontech said,

        I don’t have a ‘quick fix’ for the change in the 3.0 Simulator. The Xcode version is part of the download.

      • David Klotz said,

        Downloading now…thanks!

      • David Klotz said,

        Also, for what it’s worth, I’m using the 3.0 simulator (build 138) on two different Macs, one with Dashcode 3.0 and the other with 2.0.1. I managed to install the 3.0 iPhone SDK without actually getting XCode 3.2 (accidentally). This has caused issued, but interestingly the JSONDataExample works on the simulator with Dashcode 2.0.1 but not with 3.0.


  3. Guile said,

    Thank you very much !!!

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