August 20, 2009

Belkin Skype phone not connecting

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My son purchased the Belkin Skype phone and it came today.  He was very excited to use it.  We spent hours trolling the internet, trying to install updates as was suggested in many places and all kinds of goofy ideas to get this thing to work.

It turned out that the device reacts very negatively to WEP wireless access points.  We had chosen WEP since the early iPod touchs and iPhones didn’t react well to WPA.  Of course they do now.

To fix the “cannot connect to Network” problem all we had to do is switch from WEP to WPA.  The Skype phone works great now.  He also reports that the FaceBook iPhone app is working better now as well.

Go figure.


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  1. I have gone through the experience of Belkin Skype Phone which is not good.

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