August 13, 2009

QuickConnectErlang now available for OS X

Posted in erlang development tagged , , , at 5:48 pm by tetontech

The latest version of QuickConnectiPhone includes QuickConnectErlang in the installer.  QCErlang uses an Xcode plugin to speed and  ease Erlang development on OS X.  The plugin is based on the great work of Jón Grétar Borgþórsson and his xcode erlang plugin.  I have used it to create a project template for erlSim.  erlSim is a massively parallel discrete event simulator written in Erlang.

The plugin allows you to run your Erlang application from within Xcode and all terminal input and output happen in the Xcode Debugger Console.  Compilation errors and warnings are displayed as bubbles in the source code files just like all other Xcode project types.

The plugin is not as complete as I would like it.  I am identifying and fixing defects related to Code Sense.  Currently the functions in the standard modules such as io, math, etc. are not working correctly with code sense.  Hopefully I can identify the underlying problem soon and it will be fully up and running.

The installer also includes a template for a standard Erlang application without the QuickConnectErlang framework if you want to go that route.


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