April 16, 2009

QuickConnectiPhone 1.5 beta 7 available

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Beta 7 includes:

  1. A fix to a defect that didn’t allow any control functions to be called if the DataAccessObject or ServerAccessObject was used.
  2. Added the ability to set a timeout value for the ServerAccessObject when it is used to make an AJAX call.  The default value is 10 seconds.
  3. Added AJAXErrorExample to show how to handle web server errors.
  4. Fixed the DeviceDescription example so that it includes the necessary support files.

It looks like we are getting close to a release version!


April 15, 2009

QuickConnectiPhone 1.5 Beta 6 is now available

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Beta 6 includes:

  1. Fixes for special characters in native database files(See nativeDBAccess example)
  2. Fixed multiple geolocation request defect
  3. Added horizontal accuracy to the geolocation data (See DeviceCatalog example)
  4. Added the ability to get any custom System settings from within JavaScript(See CustomPreferenced example)

Still to do:

  • Fix two of the examples that have links in them instead of files.
  • ??? Requests???

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