March 29, 2009

QuickConnectiPhone 1.5 beta 5 now available

Posted in iPhone development tagged , , , , , , at 2:34 am by tetontech

Version 1.5 beta 5 includes the ability to have multiple databases open at the same time.  A new method, close, has also been added to the the JavaScript DataAccessObject.

I also spent some time doing some cleanup of some memory leaks on the Objective-C side of the framework and making sure that the Xcode and Dashcode versions of the JavaScript files have the same code content.

If there are no more major defects this will be come release candidate one.



  1. tom pryor said,

    Hi Lee,

    I get an error at SF when trying to download this release…
    “This file is currently unavailable. Click here to view this projects available releases.”

    just an FYI and thank you so much for this great framework :toast:


    • tetontech said,

      I have just uploaded the zip file again. It was strange. I could download it from a PC at work but not from a Mac.
      Now I still get the “not available” page but the download starts in both Firefox and Safari.

  2. Gil said,

    This downloaded fine for me just now on Safari.

  3. tom pryor said,

    @ tetontech

    yep, that is what I experienced yesterday on my mac with safari after you re-uploaded it… i got the error msg but the download now starts (that was yesterday, haven’t tried it since) so i am a happy camper =)

    Thanks Lee,

  4. Pete said,


    I am unable to compile & run the two included Xcode projects – debugErrorExample and DeviceDescriptionExample.
    The builds fail with message
    x Checking Dependencies
    x error: There is no SDK with the specified name or path ‘Unknown Path’

    I have tried to change the Base SDK to Device – iPhone OS 2.1, clean all targets but it seems to generate more build errors!

    I am using Xcode 3.1.1 and OS 10.5.6


    • tetontech said,


      Thanks for the heads-up. I’m using Xcode 3.1.2 and OS 10.5.6. The DeviceDescriptionExample links to the source files are broken. I’ll fix this in the next Beta I’ll put out tomorrow.

      I’m having a hard time reproducing any build errors in the debugErrorExample. I compiled it for Simulator 2.2.1 and Debug.

      If I compile for the old 2.1 SDK I get a ‘No such File or Directory’ error since the 2.1 SDK doesn’t have the AVFoundation framework.

      Is it possible for you to upgrade your SDK to 2.2.1?


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