March 7, 2009

QuickConnectiPhone 1.5 Beta 2 now available

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The second beta of QC 1.5 is now available for download from the SourceForge link found in the right-hand bar of this blog.

It contains several changes and fixes requested by you as well as the new Charting and Graphing Library.  Using this library you can create Pie, Line, Filled Line, and bar charts quickly and easily.  If you take a look at the source code for the library you will find that it uses the new HTML5 canvas tag and JavaScript.  You can now create this easily from within your JavaScript application.

Another change is the inclusion of Xcode code completion macros for the common QuickConnect JavaScript functions.  Also included are macros for inserting the new pie, line, and bar charts.

I’ll make a video of how to use these.

I will also make a video on how to use the new Dashcode snippets for creating the charts.

Here are the changes, not including the earlier beta 1 changes, for beta 2.

Changes for 1.5 beta 2

1.  Charting library added (line, filled line, bar, and pie charts).

2.  apostrophe’s and ampersands now can be used in native database data without issue.

3.  Links in your html files are now handled by launching of all known and custom applications.

a.  http://, https://, feed:// – launches Mobile Safari

b.  mailto:// – launches Mail app

c. – map app

d. – YouTube app

e.  itms:// – iTunes store app  (get the full URL from running iTunes onyour desktop machine);

f. – App Store app(get the full URL from running iTunes on your desktop machine)

g. tel:// – iPhone only.  Dial a phone number (any phone number entered automatically becomes a link)

h. sms: – iPhone only.  Launch the sms app (notice that there are no // characters)

i. yourCustomURL:// – a custom URL for an application you have created.

4.  The play() JavaScript function now automatically detects if the audio file name passed as a parameter is part of your application package resources and plays it if it is.  If it is not, it will look to see if it is a recorded audio file and then play it.  Supported audio file types are:

a. mp3

b. wav

c. aifc

d. aiff

e. m4a

f. mp4

g. caf

h. aac

5.  Language, region, and TimeZone are now included in the device description received from the call to the getDeviceDescription() JavaScript function.

6.  Custom Dashcode code snippets that let you drag and drop QuickConnect functionality to your JavaScript application

a. Pie Chart

b. Line Chart

c. Bar Chart

7.  Custom Xcode JavaScript auto-completions that let you quickly add available QuickConnect functionality to your JavaScript application

a. piechart – insert pie chart creation code

b. barchart – insert bar chart creation code

c. linechart – insert line chart creation code

d. draggable – code to make an element draggable

e. resuzable – code to make an element resizable

f. changeable – code to make an element draggable and resizable

g. vmap – mapCommandToVCF call

h. bmap – mapCommandToBCF call

i. emap – mapCommandToECF call

j. valmap – mapCommandToValCF call

k. smap – mapCommandTo SCF call

l. vcf – create a View Control Function

m. bcf – create a Business Control Function

n. ecf – create an Error Control Function

o. valcf – create a Validation Control Function

p. scf – create a Security Control Function

q. debug – code to make a debug message call

r. logerror – code to log an error

s. findloc – findLocation call

t. device – getDeviceDescription call

u. showmap – showMap call

v. syssound – playSystemSound call

w. vibrate – vibrate call

x. showpicker – showPicer call

y. recordaudio – recordAudio call

z. playaudio – play call

aa. stopplayaudio – stopPlaying call


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