February 28, 2009

QuickConnectFamily Development and porting RoadMap

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:55 pm by tetontech

I have created a page for the official QuickConnectFamily development and porting roadmap.  It can be found on the wiki here.  I will keep it updated as Beta and release versions are shipped.

Feedback about priorities for development or additional functionality is appreciated.



  1. Sam said,

    custom URL support 🙂

  2. George L said,

    I have several questions:

    1) How is an iphone app deployed to the iphone? (still needs a developer certificate, correct?)

    2) How does one distribute an app after creation? Through Apple’s app store? (still needs a developer certificate, correct?)

    3) Are there any fees to use your QuickConnect service?

    4) Are there any groups (yahoo or google) discussions about your framework?

    Thanks and love your work,


    • tetontech said,


      I’ll do my best to answer your questions.
      1. The application you create using the QuickConnect framework is deployed to a device just like any other iPhone application. It requires a developer certificate.
      2. The application you create is distributed through the app store. This also requires a certificate.
      3. You can use the QuickConnectiPhone framework, or any of the others in the QCFamily, without charge for both free or for-cost as well as open or closed source applications in accordance with the LGPL licence.
      4. There is a google group, a wiki, and twitter available in addition to this blog. You can find the links on the lower right of this page.

      I hope this helps.


  3. sam said,

    Any progress on the App Store URL issue?

    • tetontech said,


      What I will do is look to see if the URL starts with ‘http’. If it does then I will force Mobile Safari to launch with that URL. I’m really close to having 1.5 Beta 2 out and will include that there. I’ll also post the code change for 1.1.3.


  4. Sam said,

    Thanks very much. You’re great

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