February 22, 2009

QuickConnect 1.5 Beta 1 is now available

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QuickConnectiPhone 1.5 Beta 1 includes the new Ad Hoc (Bonjour) Networking capability.  From JavaScript you can now publish a service, connect a Bonjour browser to one of these services, and send messages from both the browser and the server. An example of how to use it is included.  It is called BonjourNetworking.  The BonjourNetworking example app  is a chat service and client.  Run it on your device and on the Simulator and you can test it out.

Since the server can send messages the framework allows for push from the server after the browser has connected.  It will not push to a device on which the browser is not running.

Beta 2 will include the ability to ’round trip’ a request.  That is to say you will be able to make an asynchronous request for data from a service and the framework will activate and act on the data when it is received.  A new example application will be provided for how to ’round trip’ a request.

Beta 2 will also include the new Charting library mentioned in the previous posting.

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

The BonjourNetworking example running. A message has been received and sent.

The BonjourNetworking example running. A message has been received and sent.



  1. […] If you are interested, QCiPhone 1.5 Beta 1 is now available.  The announcement is here […]

  2. Sam said,

    Just want to thank you again. These updates keep getting better and better

  3. Sam said,

    One other thing. In December you said there would be custom URL support in a future version. If this has been included, is there an example?

    • tetontech said,

      Thanks for reminding me. I’ll put it in the next 1.5 beta.

      The change will include the ability to load more than just the index.html file from the device as well.

  4. sam said,

    Wahoo, quickconnect progress is very fast !
    Exciting features

  5. […] expanded on and is included in a downloadable framework called QuickConnectiPhone. Take a look at this posting to learn more […]

  6. Justin said,


    Are you considering releasing the javascript Bonjour implementation on its own? I think it would be a great contribution!

    • tetontech said,

      It certainly could be done though since it is all asynchronous it would require a completely different call-response structure. That might split the development into two camps. I don’t have time to create and support both approaches.

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