January 18, 2009

Palm Pre and Mojo

Posted in Android Development, iPhone development, misc tagged , , , , , at 2:16 am by tetontech

Well, it looks like Palm has adopted the QuickConnectiPhone approach for their new phone’s SDK.  In fact it is strikingly similar.  Even down to using JSON as the data transfer type between application code and the device.

Hmm….  I wonder where they may have gotten an idea like that?  More power to them.

It sounds like a port Palm’s new phones will be only a couple of days.

Developers —-   Want to get an idea of how to develop for this new system type?  Start working with QuickConnectiPhone or even the recently released QuickConnectAndroid.

In fact, write off of QuickConnect now and you will get an easy move over of your application to yet another device.

Just a reminder, QC is currently available for iPhone, Android and Mac and coming really soon for Linux, Symbian, and Nokia.

I can hardly wait to get my hands on this new Palm SDK.


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