January 7, 2009

QuickConnect Bonjour Networking progress report

Posted in iPhone development tagged , , , , , , at 5:15 am by tetontech

QuickConnectiPhone v1.5 when released will include the ability to discover bonjour services and transfer data to and from them.  All from within JavaScript.

The code is complete and tested and is being merged back into the main development trunk.  Hopefully it will be available soon.



  1. Leonard said,

    I’m a web developer, and I’ve been following QuickConnectiPhone for a while. It seems great. And you’re making great strides. But without documentation, I can’t use it. I make a little UI, and there’s no doc that says how to turn it into an application. With all the work you’re putting into this, will you at some point explain how to do something with it?

    • tetontech said,


      Is the documentation you need ‘how to move my html, css, and js files into Xcode?

  2. Leonard said,

    Yes, and I suppose I may need some guidance to know what to do once I’m in Xcode. I probably sound like a moron, but then again, if the point of QuickConnectiPhone is to let people use web technologies to develop iPhone apps, then by definition many of us will have no experience with Xcode. So a paragraph of hand-holding would go a long way toward realizing the potential of your software.

    If you’ve added that sort of documentation, that’s great. When I downloaded QuickConnectiPhone, there was no such documentation.

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