January 7, 2009

QuickConnect 1.1.1 is now available

Posted in iPhone development at 5:10 am by tetontech

QC 1.1.1 includes several defect fixes relative to using prepared statements and an SQLite database shipped with the application.

Two new examples are also included

  1. stateSaving – how to save state between runs of the application using a native database file included in the application installation.  It uses the getNativeData and setNativeData functions as well as prepared statements.
  2. debugErrorExample – shows how to use the debug messaging and error logging capabilities of QCiPhone.  You can pass any string you would like to the debug function and it will be written to Xcode’s console.  When you use try/catch in your JavaScript and an error is thrown you can call the logError function and pass it the error object that was thrown.  It will write the error message, the file the error happened in, and the line number of the code where the error happened.  This works only for runtime errors not interpretation errors.


  1. Aarpn said,


    This QuickConnectiPhone seems amazing!

    Can i ask some total newbie questions…

    1. Is 1.1 the latest version, as i found mention of a 1.5beta being tested (meaning i couldnt find a 1.2 .3 or .4)

    2. If you made an app using quickconnect, would you be able to list it in the app store, or would it then break apples terms.

    3. How much would it cost to use quickconnect in a commercial app.

    4. Is it possible for quickconnect to get a javascript function to request the iphone gps without refreshing the loaded page. (which will be on a server)

    Thanks so much! I have loads of questions i could ask, but these will do for now! Look forward to seeing more about camera support 😉

    Many thanks.

    • tetontech said,

      answers to your questions.
      1. Yes 1.1 is the latest version. The beta is set to 1.5 since the addition of the Bonjour (ad hoc) Networking is a huge leap forward.
      2. It does not break any of Apples application rules and can be used to create apps for placement in the app store.
      3. It is free for commercial as well as free apps.
      4. The GPS call that it makes does not refresh the page. See the deviceCatalog example. Is it required that your html file be on a server? Using QC you can embed it in your application so your app runs even if there is no web access available.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to ask any more questions. I’d be happy to help.

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