December 16, 2008

QuickConnectiPhone 1.0 Release has shipped.

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The 1.0 release version of QuickConnectiPhone is now available for download from SourceForge.

(See the 1.5 release announcement on this blog to see what additional features and examples have been added.)

It allows your application, from JavaScript, to:

  1. Get browser based database access
  2. Get access to databases shipped with or created by your application
  3. Get GPS location information
  4. Get device acceleration information
  5. Show and use native Date and Date/Time pickers
  6. Vibrate the device
  7. Record and playback audio
  8. Play system sounds such as the notification sound
  9. Use a prebuilt drag and drop framework to easily make any DOM object draggable
  10. Use a prebuilt scaling and rotation framework to easily make any DOM object resizable and rotatable.

Examples for all capabilities are included in the Examples directory included in the download.

An installer is included to add QuickConnectiPhone templates to both Xcode and Dashcode to speed your development. It will also install beta versions of QuickConnectMac and QuickConnectPHP as well as file templates for JavaScript and PHP files.

QuickConnectMac allows you to write Mac applications using the same JavaScript framework that you use for iPhone applications. You can use this instead of Adobe Air. Write your application once and compile it for both iPhone and Mac.

The QuickConnectFamily image  Copyright Lee Barney 2008.  All rights reserved.



  1. […] in this posting is included in the downloadable framework called QuickConnectiPhone. Take a look at this posting to learn more more about the built in capabilities and features of the framework. These […]

  2. Josiah said,

    Great! Now, is there a “QuickConnect for Dummies” on the way? Either way, this is welcomed news.

  3. tetontech said,


    I plan on having a simplified user document available around the end of March.

  4. Michel said,

    Dear Tetontech, do you know if it’s possible to overlay the google maps with a custom layer as well as update the longitude/latitude on set time intervals ? Does QuickConnect let me do this?


  5. tetontech said,


    I’m not sure I fully understand your question but I will give it a go.

    The Cocoa libraries used on the Objective-C side use a different approach than overlaying custom layers to accomplish the same thing. What is done is to embed a UIWebView inside a UIView and then turn off the event handling of the UIWebView. This pushes all of the events up to the parent UIView for handling. This is where the scrolling and repositioning of the pins is done in the Google maps module.

    If you look in the MapView grouping in Xcode, the location of the map module, you will find a class called MapView and its’ .h and .m files. If I understand what you are wanting the MapView is the ‘overlaying custom layer’ you have talked about. You should be able to modify it in any fashion you want since the source code is there.

    As per the lat/long update, did you want to do that from within JavaScript or Objective-C?

  6. Jason Horman said,

    Your framework looks really promising. Opening up offline app development to web developers is a fantastic idea (that apple should have done).

    I read that the framework doesn’t yet support interacting with SQL from the actual iPhone.

    “It must be noted that beta 5 of the iPhone OS 2.0 does not yet have the capability to interact with the SQL database from within JavaScript.”

    Is that still true or has that issue been addressed by Apple?

    • tetontech said,


      The the current version of iPhone software includes the ability to access the SQLite database within the UIWebView and Safari. It also includes the ability to access SQLite databases from within Objective-C.

      The latest version of the QuickConnectiPhone framework contains a wrapper that allows you access to both or either form of these databases from within JavaScript.

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