December 5, 2008

SQLite Access and Use

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I have now written access code for the SQLite database in a few languages and on various platforms. There is a dramatic difference in the ease of use from a programmers perspective.

The easiest to use, strangely enough, are the Objective-C classes from Apple and the C++ classes from QT(Nokia).
The next easiest to use would be the Java classes in the Android phone and the most difficult to use would have to be the JavaScript functions that are part of the upcoming standard.

I say the JavaScript is the hardest since all of the calls are designed to be asynchronous and programmers are not used to interacting with a database in that fashion.

You would think that with the programmer friendly API of Google’s Android that SQLite access would be easy. In fact, I assumed that it would be somewhat similar to JDBC. It is not. I find it particularly nasty since none of the classes are familiar and you have to work out the class relationships all over again. That would be fine if there was one nice main class as in the Apple and QT implementations but there are not.

So, all in all I would have to say that Apple and QT tie for first place. Google Android is a very distant second, and the JavaScript W3 standard implementation is in third place.


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