November 29, 2008

QuickConnectiPhone 1.0 RC3 available

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The latest release candidate, 3, is now available for QuickConnectiPhone a framework that allows you to build your installable iPhone applications in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you want to create an iPhone application but don’t have time to or maybe don’t want to learn Objective-C you can use QuickConnect instead.

This release, like RC 2, includes an installer.

It also includes support for embedding Google maps in your installable JavaScript application. This new functionallity, in addition to the previously added capabilities of GPS location, acceleration, JavaScript debugging in Xcode, device vibration and sound, etc., adds new power to your applications easily. All you need to do is make one JavaScript method call that includes the locations where you want a pin dropped and a description. The framework does the rest and your custom map is displayed.

Database access is just as easy. A wrapper for the SQLite database used natively on the iPhone is included in the framework. It supplies you with two methods, getData and setData, that are easily used to access and modify your data.

AJAX is also supported by a wrapper with getData and setData methods.

In addition, this installer will install QuickConnectMac. You can now quickly port your JavaScript application from your iPhone to a Mac. Most of this porting will consist of changing your HTML and CSS to fit the larger screen.

Also, QuickConnectPHP is included. This is an implementation of the QuickConnect framework in PHP. It allows you to create web applications quickly and easily using the same engineered approach that you use for your iPhone and Mac applications. It includes a MySQL wrapper that supplies both of the getData and setData methods as well.



  1. tetontech said,

    I found an error in the installer. I have re-created it. I hope this one works better.

  2. tom pryor said,

    Hi Lee,

    I found your book (rough-cut) at ‘my safari bookshelf’ and I wanted to say thank you for this work!

    As a web developer I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the current stack of tech I have to keep abreast with but I am determined to write for the iPhone platform… when I started looking into it I was beginning to feel that maybe I wouldn’t have the time to invest in learning another language on top of a new platform but after finding your book and trying out the bridge (rc2) and getting a simple ‘hello world’ app installed and running on my phone I am very, very pumped again and I wanted to say thank you for your time and effort in putting this valuable tool together (reminds me of adobe air) :toast:

    Also, I think I read somewhere you were looking for ideas for your last chapter… if you still are how about a chapter on using external js libraries like jquery in a hybrid app? Maybe it is the same as using it on the web but as a newbie to this bridge I know I would enjoy seeing it in action especially if there are differences to consider when using an external js library on the iPhone.

    anyways, keep up the great work!

  3. tetontech said,

    Release Candidate 4 is up now. It should solve a couple of installation problems for the QuickConnectMac and QuickConnectPHP templates.

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