November 28, 2008

Why QuickConnect?

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Recently in a response to a previous blog posting I was asked about what I see as the reason behind and the future of QuickConnect. I am posting my response here to make it easier for all to find.


I have as yet not created a web page describing the intent of the QuickConnect platform. It basically comes down to this:

For the last 4 years I have been working on a framework implemented in multiple languages to speed up development of different types of applications. This is why you see QuickConnectPHP and QuickConnectYaws and will soon see QuickConnectJava and QuickConnectJ2EE. You don’t need them to write for the phone or the Mac but you may want to use them if you need to create a web application.

Why should an engineer/developer need to learn one framework for installed applications and another for web applications?

And why should an engineer/developer need to learn one framework to use in a web client and another for the server side of their web application?

And why again should this engineer/developer have to learn a different framework when moving from one language to another?

What I have attempted to do is to boil down all the engineering work I have been doing in the last 4 years to a lean, easy to use framework for multiple platforms, multiple situations, and multiple languages.

I can only hope that it will be of use to someone. I decided to make this work public since it has dramatically increased my productivity when writing apps.

Also, after years in the industry I came to teach in the Computer Information Technology department at BYU-Idaho. We teach the basics of the engineering behind QuickConnect to our undergraduates. This knowledge has given them a distinct advantage in the workplace when it comes to jobs so I felt it should be shared with a wider audience.

I hope this explains why I created QuickConnect.


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