October 10, 2008

QuickConnectiPhone release 1.0 coming soon

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The 1.0 version of QuickConnectiPhone is soon to be released.  It will include a set of code that will allow you to log debugging messages, vibrate the phone, play system sounds, retrieve GPS data, and accept acceleration data as well as record and play audio files.

All of this functionality is available for calling from both Objective-C and JavaScript.  I hope to have embedded Google maps as well so you don’t have to exit your application in order to show a map with a pin or multiple pins.

All of this is added to the existing sqlite database access library for both languages and the AJAX wrapper for JavaScript.

A later version will include AJAX calls from Objective-C as well where the result can be consumed in Objective-C or pushed up into a UIWebView.

Example apps from my upcoming book will also be included.

A version without the map inclusion will be available for download October 18th, 2008 from sourceForge.



  1. Anthony said,

    Any update on the date for the release of the 1.0 version of QuickConnectiPhone?


  2. tetontech said,

    I will do my best to get it and an example application called ‘DeviceCatalog’ out by tomorrow night.

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