September 5, 2008

QuickConnect Objective-C

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At long last QuickConnnect Objective-C is available. It brings to the Objective-C language the ease of use of the QuickConnect architecture. It is written in such a way that it can be used in either an iPhone or Mac application. It is particularly helpful when handling requests from JavaScript that follow the pattern shown in the previous posting on calling Objective-C from JavaScript.

It also includes a completed wrapper for retrieving and storing data in an SQLite database that was shown in an earlier posting.

It will be included in the QuickConnectiPhone release with example code that will be posted soon on the quickconnect sourceForge site. The examples will be directly from the book I am writing for pearson publishing on Hybrid iPhone application development.

I hope this framework comes in handy for you as you create your applications.



  1. Laurent said,

    In this post about PhoneGap, the author mentions that an application called BigFive that was built using PhoneGap and was refused in the app store by Apple because it was considered a security risk, which I understand. Do you know of apps in the app store that are built using the WebView? And do you know of apps using your QuickConnectIPhone framework that made it into the app store?

  2. tetontech said,

    I know of one application that uses the UIWebView. It is the Chanel app. They use it for the news section of the application.

    It isn’t the UIWebView that would be the problem. Apparently the PhoneGap library has some security issues according to apple. I have not evaluated PhoneGap myself so I don’t know what the issue is.

    I have not had any feedback regarding someone using QuickConnectiPhone in a shipping application, but then I have not requested any such information.

  3. Prashant said,

    It will be good to know of an app that has made it to App-Store and is using QuickConnect.

  4. tetontech said,

    I agree. However, I don’t have any requirements for notification in the License and have received no notifications that there is a shipping application. I can tell you that there have been several companies that have contacted me for advice in using it for application development and that there have been over 300 downloads for QuickConnectiPhone in the last couple of months. Not as many as I would hope, but then again I haven’t done anything to advertise it.

    I have now read the link you put in your first comment. From what is stated there Apple didn’t say that there were security issues with PhoneGap. PhoneGap was being used to create a web browser with expanded capabilities. I’m not sure why the developers of BigFive were not aware of Apple’s statement that they would not approve applications that were alternatives to Safari. This is something that was announced long ago.

    If they did know, I’m not sure why they thought Apple would change their mind just because their application was cool/neat/great. Pick your adjective.

  5. Ian said,

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming full release. Thanks for your hard work and expertise so far.

  6. tetontech said,

    The final, 1.0 release of QuickConnectiPhone including both the JavaScript and Objective-C versions is nearing release. It will include examples.

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