September 5, 2008

erlSim Beta Released

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erlSim, a discrete event simulator written in erlang, has been released and is available at
This simulation engine takes advantage of erlang’s high concurrency and speed of execution. It also includes several random distributions that are typically used in simulations such as the triangular and normal distributions.

Included in the downloadable package are test harnesses for the simulation engine as well as some of the distributions. These distributions are a work in progress. Many of them have not even been run let alone tested. Those that have test harnesses should be working.

The intriguing idea behind using erlang as a discrete simulation environment is that each tool, object, person, etc. in the simulation could be an individual process. Or, if you wanted, each process that acts on simulation entities could be an erlang process. The engine doesn’t care how you chose to create your simulation.


QuickConnect Objective-C

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At long last QuickConnnect Objective-C is available. It brings to the Objective-C language the ease of use of the QuickConnect architecture. It is written in such a way that it can be used in either an iPhone or Mac application. It is particularly helpful when handling requests from JavaScript that follow the pattern shown in the previous posting on calling Objective-C from JavaScript.

It also includes a completed wrapper for retrieving and storing data in an SQLite database that was shown in an earlier posting.

It will be included in the QuickConnectiPhone release with example code that will be posted soon on the quickconnect sourceForge site. The examples will be directly from the book I am writing for pearson publishing on Hybrid iPhone application development.

I hope this framework comes in handy for you as you create your applications.

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